Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Break for the Line

This sepia study was done many years ago in Vandyke Brown 8. At the time I was not aware of the full range of colours available and so did this racing picture with just one colour. This turned out to be a valuable experience and helped to teach me the different hand pressures needed to achieve this study in tones. It is always good to go back to early adventures with art to see how you have progressed - or not :) There are many things I would change in these early studies but that is what keeps you keen to get onto the next painting.

Even when you are not happy with what you have done learn to have patience and see where you went wrong last time and build on the good bits. Even failures that go into the bin are learning experiences as you can approach the subject a different way next time and above all try to keep working. Hope this helps the lady who emailed last week - you know who you are :)

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