Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Graphite study of an Arabian horse.

I have been down with a nasty bug for some time hence the lack of new work updates on the blog, but here is something I was able to do in the evenings without risking the pastel dust making this darned cough worse. Working with graphite is interesting and you can get quite dramatic effects. I may use this 7" x 6.5 study for a larger pastel image in the future.
Many thanks to Geoff Rigby, a good friend, who gave me permission to use one of his beautiful photos as inspiration for this study. If you like Arabian horse photos be sure to check his site out.
It seems a little difficult to get a good representation of graphite work on screen. The images do not seem to 'zing' the way they should. Anyone got any advice on this subject? Meanwhile I shall go and ask the experts...