Wednesday, 30 September 2009


This pastel was fitted in recently, while waiting for some photos to come in on the large project. Sybil was a much loved black cat and it was a privilege to immortalize her in pastel. Her reference photos were rather difficult to work from as is often the case with black animals. But luckily her owner helped out where the photos were obscure.

For any interested pastel artists out there this work was done with black pastel and a darker black (intense black) for the shadows... it is wonderful to have access to more than one shade of black :) The colours in Sybil's coat were added with a mid tone prussian blue and some purple brown. Highlights are a warm light grey with white added here and there.

Sybil's pastel is being framed right now and I hope she will bring happy memories when the picture is hung on the wall close to 'Poppy' whose pastel I also did last year.

Back to the canvases :)


Tracy Hall said...

Great job lesley - as always the eyes are especially beautiful. Its very interesting to read which colours you use.

Erik said...

That looks great. Black animals are so difficult to get right.

Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Thank you both for the positive comments. I love painting black animals - probably something to do with having so many black Labradors over the years! - I have found that the worst problem is taking good reference photos of blacks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley

Not sure if you got my previous message but nice to Sybil on your blog, and as I mentioned before you have her eyes to perfection, she had such beautiful eyes and you have captured them, can't wait to have her hanging on the wall with Poppy

Thanks again


Lesley Ann Hartman said...

Thanks so much Elaine, I hope that Sybil (up there in cat heaven) approves of her portrait :)