Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Santago Leopards

Had a wonderful day out on Monday at the private Santago Rare Leopard Breeding Project. Unfortunately it is closing shortly due to the sad death of the founder Peter James. Santago has had a good record over the years with breeding these endangered rare cats and was a place where you could get really close to them in a quiet and beautiful setting. The animals are all going to new homes very soon (some abroad) so it was with a heavy heart that we said farewell at the end of the day.
Photos are of a beautifully marked Clouded Leopard - we felt really lucky to get some lovely photos of them as they are usually so reclusive. Then a Black Leopard relaxing whilst waiting for his lunch. The African Leopard was photographed above us on her tree platform and lastly the gorgeous Snow Leopard who as usual posed beautifully. When there is time I hope to do some studies of them.


Tracy Hall said...

Super photos Lesley. It must have been fantastic to get to see them in such a great place. Very sorry it is having to close.

Judy said...

Beautiful photos Lesley, you have some great photos for reference work. I hope some day to see a painting from you of one or all of these gorgeous creatures.