Saturday, 13 September 2008

'A Kind Eye' - Arabian horse miniature

This little Arabian horse miniature (shown with a UK penny for scale) is my first and has left me with an immense admiration for those who paint 'in the little'. He was fun to do and I learned a LOT in the course of this 3" x 2" painting, so I hope that he will not be the last miniature that I paint. He was done in oils using (at first) liquin to thin the paint. Zest-It was used instead when I realised that the liquin was too thick for fine detail! Zest-it is a wonderful non toxic turpentine substitute that has a citrus smell. (Great if you hate - or are allergic to - the strong smell of turps or white spirit.)

As I am waiting on some photos to come in for the next large project it might be fun to try another miniature to fill in some time. Another image will be posted once this tiny painting has been framed. It is not raining here today - what a change - so we will be working on the studio/log cabin again.

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